Facilities for both work events and festivities

Did you know that you can rent Karu Lodge facilities for different events and festivities? Close to the mountains you’ll find buildings and surroundings that enable both wonderful family celebrations and even official events.

Rent all or rent separately

Some need facilities for a family celebration, others for an important meeting or an unforgettable travel experience where accommodation and food are provided – every need is unique. In Karu we’ll tailor the whole package fully according to your needs. Contact us and we’ll come up with a package suitable for you.

  • All facilities can be rented, together or separately
  • Private facilities
  • Modern meeting room equipment, such as a video projector and a screen for it

Tee varaustiedustelu


Festivities, events and meetings

Karu’s main building is a distinctive log cabin that has two open spaces for many purposes. The beautifully decorated interior enables both training courses and recreational days as well as unforgettable birthday parties.


Common spaces and accommodation

Tervakko holiday building can fit up to a dozen guests to enjoy a cozy atmosphere amid majestic mountain scenery and quietness that soothes the soul; the forest is quiet, but not completely silent. Tervakko also has a warm porch of 20 square metres as well as optical fibre that provides smooth working via the internet.


Campfire provides good feeling

You can use campfire for cooking food and making coffee in a pot – sounds like a good campfire experience. Inside a Lappish hut 10–15 guests can fit on seats made of reindeer hide. You can reserve the hut for eveything from a relaxed get-together to a small birthday party. Service to be ordered separetely. For those lodging in Tervakko the use of the hut is included in the price.