Experience probably the best sauna heat in your life

Everyone needs to enjoy the pleasure of the traditional smoke sauna at least once in their life – and once you have experienced the soft and relaxing heat, the next visit is only a question of time! Our smoke sauna Susi stands on the edge of an invitingly lapping pond. You can also see sun rays glimmering on the water surface.

Sauna, sauna cottage and ice hole

What could be better than sauna heat followed by a dip into refreshing pond water. You can indulge in the pleasure in Karu both on a sunny summer day and a big freeze during winter. In the atmospheric sauna cottage you can have your bedtime snack by a crackling campfire. Take a dip in the pond directly from the jetty door.

  • Sauna cottage with a fireplace tops off the experience
  • Food and towels can be ordered separately
Prices start from 400€

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A moment in sauna where you lose your track of time

Whether you visit our sauna alone or you’re part of a bigger group, a visit in smoke sauna is always a private experience. The sauna, sauna cottage and the pond are reserved only for you and your group. The secluded courtyard as well as the calm surroundings guarantee the perfect sauna calmness and leisureliness.


Book sauna slot for a group

Smoke sauna Susi can fit a good number of people in its warm arms. Ten people can sit on the sauna benches at the same time so that there is sufficient space for everyone. Taking turns between the sauna and the sauna cottage on slot makes it possible for even twenty bathers to enjoy the experience simultaneoulsy.


Take a dip in the pond

The pond, which was built by the builder of the smoke sauna himself, is an essential part of the sauna experience. The water in the pond comes from a nearby bogland, which means that the swimming experience in summer is almost as coolingly refreshing as in winter. The jetty that starts from the sauna door leads directly to the pond, making the experinece even more pleasant and safer.


Intensive and calming heating process

It takes up to six hours to heat the traditional smoke sauna and only wood is used to warm it up. The temperature is closely monitored as the smoke sauna warms ups to guarantee the sauna visit is as pleasant during the first visit as after several hours. Carrying bath water from the pond is also an essential part of an unforgettable smoke sauna experience. Welcome to sauna!