Leisured atmosphere – before, now and forever

The story of Karu started from a transfer to the next generation when the entrepreneurs in Perhe-Luosto decided to retire. Lying at the foot of the mountain and being close to Yli-Luosto ski slopes Karu received a youthful breeze with a new idea and course as if it had been written in the story from the beginning.


Dream from one generation to another

When a person is born with entrepreneur’s blood in their veins, they live following their gut feeling and they think that life is full of opportunities.

The most beautiful parts in Luosto’s long mountain chain slept almost untouched up to the 1970s. It was complete wilderness until the first forest cabin was built. Then came a narrow dirt road to ease transport. The profile of the ski slopes in the mountain enticed the entrepreneur couple to build something completely new and personal. The dream was to build an own small ski resort, far away from hustle and bustle, close to peace of nature and easily accessible for families.

The ski resort was built bit by bit, tenacity and hard work paid off and the resort began to find its shape. The old log cabin, which had been moved from Naarmankaira, got a face lift, the smoke sauna Susi was erected and the beautiful pond was dug as its faithful companion.

For years the ski lifts worked happily and the sun rays caressed the downhill skiers. For many guests the idyllic place has become a yearly routine.

The only constant is change. This is true for Perhe-Luosto too, and that is why we have opened the door for a new and refreshing breeze, still respecting the old.

Present day while respecting the past


Karu atmosphere for everyone

When Karu Lodge entrepreneur, Kaija, decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps, she made her decision following her heart. The possibility to share the environment and the experiences which were so empowering for her, made Kaija take care of the business.


The heart of the tourism centre

The log cabin from the 1950s is the heart of the tourism centre even today. Over many years many festivities, weddings and meals have taken place inside these dear log walls creating unforgettable memories to cherish both for the guests and the host herself.


Mountain environment at its best

Lapland’s timeless nature stands at the centre of the services Karu Lodge has to offer. Here tranquility is truly present. Those who return here feel their hearts burst with joy at the sight of wonderful scenery and the energy it brings, they forget their worries and stress while taking a stroll along picturesque mountain paths located off the beaten track and indulging in other activities that this unique place offers to all visitors.